Booklets are not even mentioned in Michel or CMR. But some exist. If you know about more booklets from Romania, do tell!

This booklet was shown without any other comment in Filatelia 7/8 2005
1905?  24 x 5B  =  1L 20B   (courtesy: Bill Longley)
             24x10B  =   2L40B    (courtesy: Bill Longley)
1907?  30x10B  =  3L
The first 2 Romanian booklets were issued for an exhibition and all stamps were CTO:
booklet1-1.jpg (11811 bytes)booklet1-2.jpg (23244 bytes)booklet1-3.jpg (24331 bytes)
booklet2-1.jpg (12428 bytes)booklet2-2.jpg (24108 bytes)booklet2-3.jpg (23964 bytes)
The second booklets were issued 1939  Carol I 100 years . These are the only real, postal, booklets of early Romania (to my knowledge)
booklet7L.jpg (74594 bytes)
booklet12L.jpg (74961 bytes)
1939compl.jpg (46386 bytes)
A complete collection of all 7 booklets - seems they were 2L cheaper to buy this way
Blue: (..L), 158L(40x4), 198L(40x5), 278L(40x7), 358L(30x12)
Red:  (..L), 208L (30x7)
The third is a philatelic issue for the 1939 New York World Fair
The fourth is a special issue of the 1941 Majahonda stamps, also CTO
ironguard.jpg (47883 bytes)
From latter days I�ve found
1998 140 years since first stamps
booklet88.jpg (17205 bytes)
and these night birds....
nightbirds.jpg (22513 bytes)
2001 Christmas
2003 mushrooms
2005 Easter
2003  A philatelic issue in 100 numbered copies from the Philatelic association in Bucharest
whalebooklet2003.jpg (15297 bytes)