Concerning the PR watermark we differ between

wmpr1.jpg (24027 bytes)
watermark II (small)  (Mi 1x)
Height 11 1/2 mm
width 15 1/2 mm
wmpr2.jpg (26184 bytes)
watermark III (thin)
Height 12 1/2 mm
width 14 mm
wmpr3.jpg (25357 bytes)
watermark IV  (big)
Height 14 mm
width 14 mm
wmpr4.jpg (25326 bytes)
watermark V  (inverted)  (Mi 1Y)
Height 14 1/2 mm
width 13 1/2 mm

in these possible positions

wmpr5.jpg (27672 bytes)
Note: Watermark IV is sometimes found inverted and watermark V is found straight -
it is not to confuse you - it�s because the printer sometimes were tired or something like that.
For those who needs a closer look at watermark VI  Stema Mare   (Mi 2)
wmbig.jpg (90938 bytes)
and finally the positions of watermark XII  (PTT)   (Mi 6)
wmkptt.jpg (16061 bytes)